Healthy hydration anywhere

Take control of your water everywhere you go.

The Onia Filter Bottle is thoroughly tested to remove nasty tap water toxins like lead (99.4%), fluoride (96.8%), chlorine (94.4%), and trihalomethanes (99.3%) from water.

With its slim 20 oz design, the Onia Filter Bottle is perfect for adults and kids alike.


Why Filter?

Recent news has shown there are toxins lurking in our tap.

School districts across the country, for example, are issuing warnings of lead and chlorine contamination in public drinking fountains.

Fortunately, the Onia Filter Bottle is designed and thoroughly tested to remove these nasty contaminants and more.

Simply fill up at any potable water source--drinking fountains, sinks, spigots--and start enjoying fresh, filtered water on the go. The Onia filter is proven to remove fluoride, lead, chlorine and THMs instantly as you sip.

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The best in portable water filtration

Clean water detoxifies our bodies. The Onia Filter Bottle features an ultra-powerful and rigorously tested filter designed to remove some of the most harmful--and unfortunately common--tap water contaminants that other filters cannot, like fluoride, lead, chlorine, and THMs.

Just sip away and the filter instantly removes these contaminants from your water. No waiting, no pumping, no biting, or unscrewing. Just clean, healthy water everywhere you go.

a true filtration superstar

Most filter bottles and pitchers only remove some aesthetic chlorine. This is simply not enough protection to count on. Healthy bodies need water that is truly fresh and filtered. See the chart below to see our test data for contaminant removal.


  • 100% BPA-free
  • 100% recyclable
  • Long-lasting 40 gallon filter
  • 20 oz bottle capacity
  • Simple flip-up straw. No more unscrewing caps or biting mouthpieces.
  • Easy grip bottle. For all ages and all activities, the Onia Filter Bottle is easy to grab and go.
  • Fits cupholders
  • Super lightweight design

What we Remove

Say "bye" to bottled water

With the Onia Filter Bottle, you'll never have to rely on pricey and wasteful bottled water to stay hydrated on the go ever again. This is a huge savings for you and a huge benefit to our planet, since most water bottles wind up in landfills or even our oceans.


For all ages and all destinations.

Whether you're going to the gym, school, work, practice, running errands, or traveling, the Onia Filter Bottle is your clean water companion. The Onia Filter Bottle fits perfectly in the hand and is ultra-lightweight. Plus, the flip-up sip straw makes it easy to hydrate on the run.

Frequently Asked Questions


What does the Onia Filter remove from water? 

The Onia Filter Bottle is proven to remove chlorine, fluoride, lead, and THMs from the water. Click on "Why Onia?" along the top of this page for a list of removal percentages for each of these contaminants based on our third party testing.

Do I need to flush the filter?

The Onia Filter Bottle should be flushed before use. To flush, fill up the Onia Bottle with water, then squeeze water out into sink. Repeat twice. After this flushing process, the bottle is ready to use.

How often do I need to replace the filter?

The filter should be replaced every 40 gallons.

How should I clean my bottle?

It is recommended that you occasionally hand wash the bottle. Do not wash the filter with soap.

Can I refrigerate the bottle?

Yes, the bottle can be refrigerated. However, do not freeze the bottle as this can damage the filter.

Can the filter be recycled?

Yes, the filter is recyclable. Please email us at for a return label (we pay the post).

Can I filter fresh water from lakes, rivers, and streams? 

The Onia Filter Bottle is not designed to be used with potable water sources. Stick with tap water sources.

Can I filter salt water? 

The Onia Filter Bottle is not designed to filter salt water. We do not recommend using any of our products with salt water.

Will bacteria grow in my filter if I leave it unused for a long time? 

The Onia filter is embedded with anti-microbial media that prevents the growth of bacteria.

Here's what people are saying about the Onia Filter Bottle


"I did a lot of research looking for a filter that could handle fluoride and lead. I am so happy to have found the Onia Filter Bottle.

- Elizabeth S., New York City, NY

"There's nothing else like the Onia Filter Bottle that I've found. Our family drinks most water outside the house, so it's important to have something like this!"

- Kathy L., Austin, TX

"Everyone in our family uses an Onia Filter Bottle. It's absolutely perfect for fresh water everywhere we go. I like not having to buy bottled water on the go. Highly recommend."

- Sean S., Foothill Ranch, CA